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ASDA Multi OS Video Protector - Windows, Android, IOS and Mac OSX

ASDA Multi OS Video Protector - Windows, Android, IOS and Mac OSX...

Encrypt your video files to cross platform play , supports mobile phone and PAD, The encrypted video files can play on Windows, Android, IOS and Mac OSX. You can distribute your video files with password protect, someone want to play your video files, he must ask the password from you, otherwise he cannot play your video.

Use yourself encryption key to encrypt your video files, the encrypted video files can only be opened with a license key, which can be created via the 'Create Password' function in the encryption tool. Only the person knows the encryption key can create license key, and each license key is computed using the Machine ID of your user's computer and your encryption key. The license key is unique for each computer. One computer, One password.

When a user wants to play an encrypted file, the encrypted file will pop up a dialog box to request the user to enter a license key, this dialog box will display the Machine ID of this user's computer, this user can send his/her own Machine ID to you, and you can create a password based on the user's Machine ID. After that the user can use this license key to play your files on his/her computer. Because the license key is created based on your user's Machine ID, your user will not be able to share his license key with other users. Because the license key is bond to your user's computer, your user will not be able to re- distribute your files.


Support operating system

XP/Vista/win7/Win8/win10, support 32 and 64-bit OS,

Cross platform supports

Windows, Android, IOS, Mac OSX,

Support video format


Key Features

* Only need encrypt one time, Play it on Windows, Android , apple IOS and Mac OSX
* You can customize the output format
* Single video file size supports 1000G or more.
* You can encrypt your file to bind your user's computer or USB disk
* You can set different float watermark for your user, You can set the color, size, watermark rotation angle, float range, and transparency
* User can play video with fast forward or slow down
* You can set background image in password dialog
* Smart-Anti screen recording
* You can set network blacklist, Your user can't continue playing your video when his machine id is in the network blacklist
* You can set password's expiry date or number of playback
* It can be configured to prevent opening in VMware and Virtual PC
* You can set pop up your website when your user play your video files.
* You can set disable process when your user play your video.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

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Q: How to play the encrypted video file on Mac OSX?
Q: How to change the password dialog's background image?
Q: How to do if the encrypted file shows some error?

Registration version and Trial version...

  1. You may specify yourself encryption key.
  2. No demo infomation in encrypted files.
  3. No trial prompt in the encrypted files.