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Software Copy Protection

Data Copy Protection...

We provide computer digital content files protection for sale...

Data copy protection provides protection of data files such as Digital Audio/Video PDF, MP4, HTML. Block save-as, control printing, copy-paste and more on secure USB flash drive, diskless protection for sale.

Computer data protection schemes:

  • Overview
  • Commercial USB/Dongle/Pendrive/Key protection schemes
  • Commercial CD/DVD protection schemes
  • Diskless protection
  • Video Guides

Data protection provides a true anti-piracy solution for protecting almost any data type including PDF documents, images, video, audio, html web pages, and even your own proprietary file formats. Its outstanding security level and complete transparency to end users make it an ideal solution for protecting multimedia contents such as e-learning materials, video guides, tutorials, technical publications, animations, presentations, and drawings.

Commercial USB/Dongle/Pendrive/Key protection schemes:

Secure flash drive

Strong hardware based copy protection for software and data that tightly binds your files to the USB flash drive hardware. Read more...

Commercial CD/DVD protection schemes:

Compact Disc and DVD copy protection schemes

Perfect resistance to 1:1 duplication and cloning, bit-2-bit copying, virtual drives and emulators, and other known hacking, cracking and copying methods.

Diskless protection:

Virtual disk copy protection

Start selling your software and data on any medium or via the internet in minutes. Absolutely no programming skills required. No dongle required. Activation code for a single PC


Use the basic powerful protection or optionally apply advanced features such as block or allow printring and copy-paste, restrict access with passwords and set expiration dates to facilitate upgrade processes – all easily configurable in software, absolutely no programming skills required.

Standard readers
Protected files open naturally within standard popular applications such as Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and media players. There is no need to install any special software. TrusCont data protection guards your protected data and restricts applications that read protected data from exporting the data to any other storage medium or network locations using “save-as”, copy & paste, printing, drag & drop, etc.

Proprietary software
TrusCont data protection can also allow your proprietary software, or any other 3rd party software, to securely access the protected files. Applications stored on the same medium with the protected files can automatically and transparently read the protected data. There is no need to change your software in any way. Other applications can be easily added to the TrusCont software configuration.

data protection fully preserves hyperlinks, table of contents and other references within, and among protected files such as links to PDF documents within HTML pages.

Proprietary file formats
Simple but yet powerful customization options allow you protect not only standard popular file formats, but also your own proprietary data types. You can also specify in which applications your files will be readable.

Expiration dates
Expiration dates allow your files to expire and die on a specific date. You can even set a different expiration date to each file.

Optionally set a global password to restrict access to the entire protected data on your medium, or file based passwords that restrict access to individual files. Global passwords are requested when the end user inserts / connects the medium to the computer. File-based passwords are requested when an end user (or software) actually accesses the protected file. You can set a different password to each file or group of files.

Limit number of targets
This feature allows you to restrict the use of your product to specific number of computers, users, or a network domain. This feature is applied globally to all protected files.

Supported file formats

Books & Documents: PDF, DJVU
Web Contents, Flash Animations & Applications: HTML, Java Scripts, SWF/Flash, FLV
Pictures & Images: JPG, PNG, GIF
Audio files: MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV
Video files: ASF, AVI, MPG, WMV, MP4, M4V, FLV, etc.
DICOM (Digital Images and Communications in Medicine): DCM, DIC, IMA, NEMA
Proprietary & and other file formats: Supports almost any data type. Easily configurable in TrusCont software.

Key Features:

  • Powerful hardware based copy protection
  • Copy protection for Windows applications, including both native code (win32) and Managed code applications.
  • Copy protection for data files such documents, pictures, music files, and video clips.
  • Copy protection for proprietary file formats and applications
  • Protect files of any size
  • Doesn’t degrade performance or quality of the protected data allowing publishers to protect even the highest HD quality video without compromising performance and quality.
  • Generically blocks screen capture / grabbing / streaming.
  • Protected files open naturally in common applications such as Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player, VLC, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and others.
  • Preserves the original functionality of the protected data, including interlinks among protected files.
  • Printing and Copy & paste control.
  • Time limits – make your files expire at a specific date, and/or after a specific number of days since it is first used.
  • Limit use of the protected files to specific number of computers, or users.
  • Limit use of the protected files to a specific network domain.
  • Password protection.
  • Write protect the flash drive to prevent accidental deletion, modification, and even infection by viruses and malware.
  • Easy to use duplication software – USB Protect Tool
  • Mass USB production solutions available.

Copy Protection System...

  • Secure USB Flash Drive
  • Virtual Disk Copy Protection
  • Enhanced DVD-R
  • Edius USB Dongle
Video Guides & How-to...

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  • How to Lock Data on USB Drive?
  • How to Password Protect USB drive?
  • How to create read-only / write protection in USB Drive?
  • TSFD Protection Toolkit 6.3 is released with big changes! download and install the new updated tool.
    Copy protect MS Office such as word, power point and excel on Secure USB drives. both 32bit and 64bit player supported in this version.
  • Virtual Disk Protection Toolkit 5.0 is released with big changes!(April 26, 2018) Software for protecting files and creating protected virtual disks that can be delivered to end users online.
  • Virtual Disk Copy Protection utility is released with big changes!(April 30, 2018) allows end users to mount protected virtual disks. Download this software and deliver it to your customers together with your protected virtual disk files.
  • DVD Protection Toolkit 5.0 is released with big changes! download and install the new updated tool.
    Copy protect MS Office such as word, power point and excel on Enhanced DVD-R media, or on mass replicated DVD-ROM discs. both 32bit and 64bit player supported in this version.