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Copy Protection USB Pen Drive Stick Dongle

Our products...

We provide copy protection file/folder locking software encryption...

Encrypt and protect your digital content, educational video files to play supports on Windows, Android and Mac OSX.

Here are our products:

  • TSFD Publisher (Secure USB Drive)
  • TSFD Protection Toolkit
  • Virtual Disk Publishing Toolkit
  • Virtual Drive Manager
  • ASDA Multi OS Video Protector
  • USB Duplicators
  • SD/MicroSD Duplicators
  • CF/CFast Duplicators
  • SATA DOM / eMMC Duplicators
  • SATA HDD/SSD Duplicators
  • SAS HDD Duplicators
  • PCIe SSD Duplicators
  • Mini Series HDD/SSD Duplicators
  • CD-ROM/Write Protect Duplicators
  • Edius USB Dongle
  • Enhanced DVD-R
  • Replicated Enhanced DVD
  • DVD Protection Toolkit

About Products

Aft India offers a complete suite of anti-piracy and secure content delivery solutions that help publishers protect their products and maximize revenues.

Our products offer unparalleled quality in both strength and ease of use. The streamlined product design and robust yet versatile anti-piracy DRM technology allow you to protect virtually any type of data online and on offline media in minutes.

Video games, software, documents, drawings, images, audio files, offline web pages and even proprietary file formats can all be protected with just a few mouse clicks. No programming skills required whatsoever.

DVDs, USB flash drives, the Internet, no matter how you chose to deliver your content, you can benefit from the same outstanding feature-rich data protection and your customers can enjoy the same unified user experience.

Duplication systems:

With built-in copy protection features

Visit our duplication solutions page. We have various systems for in-house mass production of copy protected USB flash drives.
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Production services:

CD/DVD/USB Duplication, printing, packaging

Looking for a complete production service? Not a problem, upload your data and we will protect it, duplicate on your preferred media, print, package, and ship directly to your doorstep.
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Highest quality component and media:

Professional grade DVDs & USB Flash drives

We offer highest quality blank optical and flash media for professional publishing, available with or without copy protection, optionally with your custom company or product logo.
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Protect Software:

Secure and deliver your software in minutes. No programming skills required whatsoever. Our powerful encryption technology can protect almost any software type, including .NET and WPF assemblies.
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Protect data files:

Protect drawings, images, audio, video, web pages and virtually any data file type with just a few mouse clicks. Protected files can be opened naturally within standard readers and apps but cannot be saved, copied or modified in any way.
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