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CopyMinder Prices

On this page you will find prices for CopyMinder in Indian Rupppes R. Please note that the prices listed on this page do not include taxes.

You pay nothing while you are getting used to the system and testing your protected programs. When you have completed your testing, you can reset the system ready for live use. From then on, we bill you at the end of each calendar month. If your bill at the end of the month is less than 828.42 Indian Rupee, you will not be invoiced. Instead, the charges will be carried forward into the next billing period.

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CopyMinder Software Development Kit R6,935.00

Normal Installations

The charge per normal installation is based on the total number of user installations to date:

First 100 new users

R130.00 per user

Next 1000 new users

R85.00 per user


R40.00 per user


For network installations

the charge is per end-user, but we only charge for the first 30 users on any one network installation.
Trial Installations R4.00 per new installation

There is one fixed charge of R4.00 for each new trial installation of your protected software, regardless of the number of users. If a network installation is activated as a trial, the charge is R4.00 regardless of the number of end-users of the software on that network.

Active User Charges

R1.00 per active user per month, or aR36.75 one-off charge per user

There is also a monthly charge per end-user of each normal installation, for as long as that installation is 'active'. You are only charged if an installation of your software is used within a particular month.

There is no monthly charge for Trial installations.

Instead of monthly active user charges, you can opt to pay a one-off charge of R36.75 per end-user. You will be billed for this at the same time as the new installation charge described above. If you have a large numbers of end-users of your protected software, the number of active users can vary a lot from month to month. Choosing to pay this up-front, one-off charge of R36.75 per end-user can therefore greatly simplify your billing.

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